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When Is The Child Tax Credit Coming In August & How To Track It?

Millions of parents in the U.S seek the answer: when is child tax credit coming in august? The second six-month child tax credit payment will be released in August. If you are one who didn’t get the first payment, here’s everything you need to know. 

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has given relief to millions of parents. The kid tax credit increases from $2000 to $3600 for children aged 6 to 17 years. The following payment of children’s credit is set to release in the second half.

The payment is released on a second-half six-month basis, hitting the parent’s account. If you are unaware of when the child tax credit comes in August, this post answers everything about the child tax credit coming in August.

What Is A Child Tax Credit?

The child tax credit is the rescue credit plan of the American government. This Tax credit aims to provide financial relief to the working parents of the U.S. It is known as the world’s largest Child tax credit ever. The budget of this tax credit is around $16 billion. In this credit, the eligible families receive the monthly payment on the 15th. The monthly tax credit per child is $250 to $300, depending on age.

When Is Child Tax Credit Coming In August?

The second child tax credit installment is set to release on 15 August. Millions of U.S. parents will receive the tax credit in their bank accounts or mailboxes. According to the IRS statement, the second children’s tax credit payment is set to reach 36 million families across the country, which is worth $16 billion. The most child tax credit is sent via direct deposit in the parent’s bank account. There are the following criteria every family needs to follow to receive a child tax credit in August. 

How To Check The Eligibility For The Child Tax Credit?

As you receive the answer to when the child tax credit is coming in August, the next thing is to check if you can receive this tax credit. The U.S. authorities set the following criteria in the context of the kid tax credit. Let’s check if you are eligible to receive the kid tax credit.

  • The first you check for eligibility is your income. How much do you earn monthly or annually? Your child tax credit amount will depend directly on your income. The families who file the tax on income of $75,000 can expect to receive the full tax credit. The tax credit for kids drops as the family income crosses the threshold.
  • The second thing you need to check after income eligibility is the letters from the IRS. If you file their taxes, you should receive two letters from the IRS. The first one states that you are eligible for the child tax credit, and the second one states the estimate of your monthly payments during the child tax credit.
  • Receiving the letter from the IRS means you are eligible for the kid tax credit. You don’t need to follow more steps to receive tax credit payments.
  • If you signed up for the direct deposit of kid tax credit, you should have already received your first payment in July.
  • If you are the one who doesn’t file taxes, there are huge chances you have not received your first payment yet. For getting your child tax credit, go to the non-filers tools and signup as soon as possible.

What If I Didn’t Get My First Check Yet?

If you didn’t get the first check of your child investment tax credit, there are a few reasons for it. You may also have a question: when is the child tax credit coming in August with both payments? 

If you already claimed your tax credit, there are a few reasons not to receive it yet.

  • Your updated bank account and address details are missing on the IRS portal. In such a case, go to the website of the IRS and update the details as soon as possible.
  • The other reason is a delay in your postal service. It happens in the case when you agree to receive the payments through the mailbox.
  • Your family is a combination of U.S. citizens and immigrants. If your one family member is an immigrant, then there are chances you miss tax credit payments. You will file an immigrant’s ITIN number on the IRS portal in such cases.

How To Track My Second Payment Of The Child Tax Credit?

To track your second payment of child tax credit, you can follow the easy steps to check the status of your august payment.

  1. First of all, go to the Child Tax Credit official portal.
  2. You can see which tax credit payments are pending on the official portal. After that, check your IRS username, ID, and password here.
  3. After logging in, you can see the status of the August payment if your payment has been sent by the IRS but isn’t received in your bank account yet. The next step is to request an IRS payment trace.
  4. You should request an IRS payment trace only if it has been at least five days since a direct deposit was sent. For that, fill the form 3911 to request a payment trace.

How Can Low-Income Families Sign Up For Child Tax Credit?

The low-income families whose income is less than $12,400, $24,800 as a married couple, and less than $18,500 as the head of the family can sign up for the child Tax credit. You can easily sign up for a kid tax credit, which is $3,600 for children under six and $3000 for children between 6-17.

Those families who are not filing their tax returns can sign up with the IRS to receive the tax credit payment. Here’s how you can sign up for your kid tax credit:

  • Go to the Child Tax Credit official website. You can access the non-filer signup tool if you don’t file the tax return.
  • Enter the Social Security numbers for your children and yours(you can also enter your ITIN).
  • Now, enter the reliable mail address(if you want to receive the payment via mailbox)
  • Fill in your correct email address and phone number to get a notification of payment.
  • Your bank account details (if you want payment via direct deposit)
  • Fill out the other required details and submit the form.

What Is A Child Investment Tax Credit?

A child investment tax credit is the term that permits the parents to deduct a certain percentage of investment cost from tax liability. The investment tax credit is simple to earn by your kid on their investment income. After paying taxes on your kid’s investment, these are the amounts you receive.

How To Use The ERTC Tax Credit Calculator To Calculate Tax Credit?

The federal government creates the ERTC tax credit calculator or ERTC calculator to calculate financial credits. You can easily calculate the tax credit with the help of the ERTC tax credit calculator.

Follow the simple steps to calculate tax credit:

  • First of all, go to the ERTC calculator.
  • Click on the appropriate tab that corresponds with each quarter.
  • Scroll down the ERTC calculation and start filling in wages and other expenses.
  • Next, select the quarter and year you want to calculate the tax credit.
  • Now, hit the calculate button at the bottom of the screen.


The IRS sends the child tax credit every month to support the parents of the United States of America. This post answers when the child tax credit comes in August. Many families have different queries regarding the latest kid tax credit policy of the U.S. government. Moreover, low-income families can easily sign up to receive child tax credit payments.

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