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12 Proven Strategies To Minimize Taxes For High-Income Earners

People living under the high-income bracket pay higher tax percentages than others. There are some exceptions to this, but generally, it happens this way. If you earn more, you might worry about having no other choice than to pay high taxes. You’re thinking of bearing high taxes, but this isn’t the case! With the right tax strategies for high-income earners 2022, you can save a lot. The right tax planning saves you from all those hefty taxes. So, what are the best tax saving strategies for high-income earners? First of all, you’ll need a professional accountant by your side for this purpose. Additionally, with standard deductions, we have many tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022. 

These are the best tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022 to know how can high earners reduce taxable income

Increase Contributions to Your Retirement

Here we’ll discuss the retirement accounts with employer-based accounts like 403 (b0 and 401 (k)). The money you invest there is not taxable until you withdraw it. With each contribution in a year, you cut the tax liability. 

Here, your main benefit is that when you wait until retirement, you’ll have a low tax as you’re no longer getting a salary. Taxpayers are often confused about “how much can I reduce my taxable income?” Your taxable rate would be lesser than if you paid taxes while earning it. 

Also, you will get tax-reducing retirement benefits through these tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022. You get this after contributing the most amount.

Conversions For Roth IRA

These are tax-free retirement accounts to help reduce the tax burden and save money on taxes. You save taxes even when you are not in the top income bracket. Unlike conventional IRA, Roth IRA contributions happen post-tax income. As tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022, you’ll need to pay taxes before contributing, but not on withdrawal. 

You might not consider it a benefit, but it is. Any income earned on Roth IRA is tax-free. Also, you can roll the money in 401 (k) or traditional IRA in Roth IRA while getting the same benefits. You can make a Roth IRA conversion when you’ve got a year of less income than the previous year. Or else you’re eligible when you get retirement with a low tax bracket.

It is among the most beneficial tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022 if you can wait till 72.

Sell Inherited Property

People with inherited real estate can use these tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022. You can save on property taxes after they sell their real estate. Here is why:

Let’s suppose that your parents bought a $200,000 house worth $900,000. After selling it, they can pay $700,000 of capital gains. On holding the house, you have a $900,000 basis of tax and must pay property taxes on this amount. It limits the potential profits from sales. Here the goal would be to cut the tax liability of capital gains. 

The alternative would be selling the house after inheriting it. It saves property taxes and maximizes inheritance. You can reduce capital gains tax with a property investment and the income from the sale.

Invest in Companies with Dividends 

The income from the job has ordinary tax rates, and with a high income, you pay a higher tax rate. But, capital gains have a low tax rate, meaning that you get tax benefits from earning capital gains. This is one of the best tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022. 

A way to do this is by investing in companies paying qualified dividends. It is vital to know that ordinary dividends are taxable as ordinary income. You must invest in companies paying a qualified dividend for dividend income tax benefits. A qualifying company or a U.S. company can pay dividends. 

If you invested in companies paying dividends, these dividends are on Form 1099-DIV.

Use Your Health Savings Account (HSA)

High-deductible health insurance plans must use a health savings account (HSA). These are perfect for high-income earners. Payroll contribution HSA contributions come under taxable income. A person’s direct HSA contributions deduction is from their pay. 

For 2021, the most deductible contribution for an individual was $3,600, and for families, it was $73,00. These investments grow without paying taxes. Another benefit of an HSA as tax saving strategies for high-income earners is that you get tax exemptions after paying it for eligible medical expenses and withdrawals. 

Claim Tax Credits

You can find various IRS tax credits for reducing taxes, like the Earned Income Tax Credit (ERTC). For 2021, low-income taxpayers can get up to $6,728 credits with three or more qualifying kids, $5,980 with two, $3,618 for one, and $543 for none. 

In 2022, people with three or more kids will get $6,935. With two, they get $6,164, $3,733 for one, and $560 for none.

You get a maximum of $25,00 per year for eligible students for the first four years of higher education. Lifetime Learning Credit provides a maximum 20% credit for up to $10,000 of qualified expenses or $2,000 on return. 

Also, there is Saver’s Credit for people with low and moderate incomes who want to save for retirement. People can get credit for more than half of their contributions to an IRA, plan, or ABLE account as tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022.

Fund Your FSA

The IRS allows funneling tax-freer dollars from your salary to the FSA annually. When your employer provides funds to spend with flexibility, you can benefit from it by reducing your tax bill. The limit was $2,750 in 2021. And in 2022, it increased to $2,850. 

You’ll need to use the money to have dental and medical expenses in a calendar year. Still, you can also use it for everyday items like bandages, acupuncture, pregnancy test kits, etc.

Some employers can allow you to carry money to next year. If your employer provides it, you can reduce your tax bills. 

For the tax year 2021, the IRS offers to exclude more than $10,500 of your salary. Thus, your employer can consider getting the FSA dependent care account. It means that you have to avoid paying taxes on that money. Parents with kids below 13 years can save taxes with special coronavirus rules for preschool, before/after school care, and day camps. You can have elder care as well. What’s covered varies between employers, so you should consider the documents of your plan while looking at these tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022.

Make Charitable Contributions

Charitable contributions are deductible, and they don’t have to be cashed out. You can cut your taxes when you’ve donated clothes, old sporting gear, food, or household items. 

For the 2021 tax year, deductions of $300 were available per person (those married can get deductions of $600 or more) on tax returns without itemizing. 

There are tax software programs with modules for estimating the value of donated items. Make a list before dropping off big bag stuff at Goodwill – as it adds up deductions. The right list will work as the best tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022. 

Have Your Medical Records And Expenses

You can show these receipts if you have hospital bills or other medical or dental care bills. Generally, for tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022, you can deduct qualified medical expenses up to 7.5% of adjusted gross income for the particular tax year. 

Thus, when you adjust your gross income to $40,000, anything beyond the first $3,000 of medical bills – 7.5% of AGI is deductible. This is among the best tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022.

Sell Assets That Maximize Your Tax Portfolio

Tax deduction lets you showcase some bad stock picks impacting your portfolio. This can be a worthy option for tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022. 

You can cut stock sales losses, which offset taxable capital gains that you might have. The limit on the offset is $3,000 or $1,500 for married couples while filing. 

Note: Never substitute wise investing with tax savings. Only sell a stock if it does not work for your portfolio. Don’t do it for tax breaks, as if you think of buying your stocks in 30 days. The IRS might cancel your deduction. 

Purchase Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds can be the most glamorous investment for tax-exemption bonds. While buying a municipal bond, you lend money to the issuer in exchange for interest payments. The bond matures at the period’s end, and the purchaser gets the original investment. 

The income from tax-exempt bonds gets exemption from all income taxes, like, state, federal, and local. Also, interest payments from income get tax exemption. 

Municipal bonds get less income than other taxable bonds. But these are great tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022 to cut the tax burden. Also, you can decide whether they are worth it after calculating the equivalent of the bond’s yield. 

Accelerating Or Deferring Income

Accelerating or deferring taxable income isn’t a good approach. But it minimizes your capital gain taxes and income exposure with a 3.8% Medicare surtax on investment income. 

Income deferral is not about deferring current year income. Tax-savvy individuals know that long-term income deferral as a tax strategy for high-income earners in 2022 compounds their investments quicker.

To cut taxes, you must know that currently, we have temporary slate tax rates, which will expire in 2025. The income you defer in 2022 can later have higher taxes. Deferring income is among the most workable tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022. 


Earning higher doesn’t mean that you need to bear high taxes. The abovementioned tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022 are great ways to cut tax bills. The best possible way of identifying tax strategies and incentives would be to hire a professional CPA. To determine the best tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022, contact tax consultants at Business Tax Benefits. We apply comprehensive cost-saving approaches and are always well prepared for market changes. Contact our team 24×7, 365, and we are always there to guide you in every step of the process. Our reliable team offers the most reliable tax strategies for high-income earners in 2022.

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